Nativz Win NLC Division 2 Summer Split

A success story of our Playoffs Run & Regular Summer Split in NLC Division 2

On August 18 Nativz continued to create history, becoming the first back-to-back NLC Division 2 champions with a 3-0 win over Rate Gaming.

Nativz presented themselves as a dominant force in the Summer Regular split, completing a run of 14 wins and just 4 losses. This was the same win/loss we achieved in the regular split of Spring, however this time the league was a lot closer matched and this impressive record earned us a first place seed going into playoffs. Entering playoffs alongside us were Rate Gaming, Lundqvist Lightside, Domino Esports, UniQ Esports & Rising Dawn Esports – some fierce competition.

We entered playoffs in the Upper Bracket final, facing Rate Gaming. This was a hard day for Nativz, after a 5-hour long slog we fell short conceding a 3-2 sweep at the hands of the second seed Danish side.  This loss was considered as a reality check, but it was nothing but motivation for everyone at Nativz, doubling down in all areas to once again bring the NLC Division 2 title home.

We then had one week to prepare to face UniQ Esports in the lower bracket final. This was a week of recuperation, improvement and full focus so we could be the best we had to offer on the day and that we were. We came out of this series victorious, securing a 3-1 win and showcasing why we are the Division 2 side that are feared by Division 1 and beyond. A highlight of this series was Rylle’s controlling Sylas performance reflected in his 12/1/6 KDA but undoubtedly enabled by Cl0x’s Rakan that could not be handled by the UniQ Esports backline.

With that win over UniQ Esports, Nativz were then sent to the NLC Division 2 Summer Split Playoff final in which we faced Rate Gaming and looked for vengeance. We knew it would be a tough series going in with Rate Gaming stacking up with the likes of Erolle, Hoiz and unforgettably passionate manager Nicklas Danksmand. But despite the fierce opposition we came in with confidence and it paid off, earning us a strong 3-0 victory causing further waves across the NLC community & building upon our identity of being the up-and-coming team to reckon with. It was a clean and commanding performance from start to finish from the Nativz boys, with each and every part of our organisation presenting themselves at be the best of their ability. Some highlights of the series were Sn1lle’s game 1 & 2 Karthus, ruling the map with the Deathsinger followed by Jopa securing the win at top speed on Zeri in a 49 minute slog.

Now going into promotions, starting September 14 against Team Singularity our Co-Founder Kurt Pittman has said, "That was another strong split from our LoL First Team, certainly showing resilience to bounce back strong from the defeats we had which is testament to the character of the team.”

“While we're delighted with the result our aim remains firmly focused on the promotion series - we're very humbled by the growing Nativz community and their strong support as we head into the most important time of the year."