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We're expanding our Membership programme, opening up access to our Nativz Keys for more of our growing community.

In addition to our Founder Key launched at the end of 2021, we're introducing an option for our everyday gamers - the new Citizen Key and its free.

These keys unlock access to a wide range of exclusive member benefits gaining priority access to all things Nativz and having a real say on decisions as we expand into the esports ecosystem.

Founder and Citizen Key holders will have access to exclusive events, products, player and creator meet and greets, one-of a kind drops, partner offers and much more.

"Our partnership with ALotMeant.com means that for every Nativz Key purchased we'll recover and plant a piece of coral to help preserve and restore our oceans."
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Our keys are designed to recognise your support and enhance your experience. Take advantage of exclusive benefits as we build Nativz.
Our technology is climate sensitive, creating a Nativz Key is the same as sending two emails! Those who buy a Founder Key will also help us and ALotMeant.com rebuild coral reefs!
If you're no longer enjoying the benefits of your Nativz Key then you can sell it at any time - all trading royalties in 2022/23 will go to help build the Nativz Collegiate Series.


Pre-Sale Guestlist (only 100 slots available)
Public Sale via Opensea and Venly Marketplaces
Access to Live Streaming in our Metaverse Arena
Airdrops of Nativz Genesis Series Digital Collectibles
Distribution of Performance Replica Shirts (choice of sizes)
Activate subscription revenues from Twitch and YouTube
Nativz Key Founding Members - access to claim FREE PFP Avatar and mint up to 3 more
PFP Avatar Guestlist - following Nativz Key Holders, to access pre-minting window
Giveaways - 10% of the collection to be held back for promotional giveaways
Virtual Arena - new and improved venue in Decentraland launched
Token - creation of a Nativz Utility Token for NFT holders
Talent Boot Camp - annual player and creator Bootcamp launched for talent acquisition
Scholarships - set up a scholarship fund for esports and content creator talent
Gaming - introduce an engaging metaverse experience game enabled by NFTs
Expansion - launch a NEW team into a NEW title voted on by the community
Airdrops - Gift NFT airdrops


What is the nativz membership programme?

Our membership programme has been developed as a way of providing long-term value for Nativz fans and our community.

We’re releasing it in the form of digital keys in a one-off purchase, where holders are able to access benefits across all the worlds we live in, both digital and physical. These perks span from exclusive chances to meet Nativz pro-players and creators to receiving our pro-jersey every year. The perks will keep coming for as long as you hold your keys.

Unlike a traditional membership subscription plan with a recurring monthly or annual fee, our membership programme is a one-off payment that delivers rewards for the long-term with full ownership over your key.

why are you launching this programme?

In 2020 we launched a crowdfunding initiative to allow over 3500 fans to join us as co-owners, which was our first step in a journey towards being community-centric, before launching the membership keys now.

As we build Nativz for the years to come, it's important we put our community at the centre of everything we do, aligning our goals as a company with the desires of our fans. We truly believe to be a community-centred company it's not going to be ads that drive us but fans.

how does the tech work behind the keys?

In order to facilitate true ownership of the keys, and allowing the ability for our community to hold or sell their key as they want, we’re utilising blockchain technology. Specifically utilising a non-fungible token or NFT allows the membership keys to have unique traits and at the same time prove that it’s you that holds the key when you connect it into our Nativz platform in time. It ties directly in with the future integrations we plan to add to our site and apps for further benefits.

To do this we’re working with a ‘proof-of-stake’ blockchain called Polygon. Using this type of chain drastically reduces energy usage vs ‘proof-of-work’ blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

What are the nativz 'keys'?

Just like unlocking your car or your home, our keys unlock community access to the beating heart of Nativz.

Each key has a set of features and rewards for holders to enjoy and can be considered tiers in a membership programme, for as long as you hold on to them.

There are two options, starting with the free ‘Citizen’ key, then our lifetime ‘Founder’ key. Founder keys offer higher level benefits and rewards for holders. See our Compare page for more details on each key’s features.

TLDR: Think of the keys as your pass to the future of Nativz!

what does ownership of my key mean?

Say you buy yourself a car… that's your car, no one else can take it from you. Well, that's the same with owning your Nativz Key - you can keep it as long as you want and it will forever be yours. The only difference is the car might get a little rusty after a while, but our Nativz Keys will keep unlocking cool and exciting things throughout the years, every year.

And this exactly what you asked for... when we asked our fans in a community survey if you'd like to have the ability to sell your membership, 74% agreed! The only way to deliver this was using new blockchain tech, which is why we turned to the keys being a non-fungible token.

doesn't this tech harm the environment?

We made the decision to build our memberships on a ‘proof-of-stake’ blockchain called Polygon. Using this type of network drastically reduces energy usage vs ‘proof-of-work’ blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

According to Polygon's most recent calculations, the carbon cost of transactions like ours on their network is around 66 grams of CO2.

To put that in context, an hour of gaming can be anywhere from 50-250g grams of CO2 depending on where your electricity comes from, on a 250w PC (European Environment Agency).

There are a lot of scams, how do i avoid them?

Yes, beware! Rules are as follows:

1: Watch out for DMs! Nativz will only ever send you a DM to ask you for your email address if you've won something. Then communication will always go via community@nativz.gg.

2: We will only ever send you emails that end with @nativz.gg.

3: Only trust our verified social accounts and always double check the URL of our website is correct (www.nativz.gg).

What is the longer term membership vision?

The long-term vision is to build the best membership programme for a brand community in the world. That means premium and behind-the-scenes content from our pro-players, community-focused physical events around the world, digital and physical limited edition drops, potentially even a festival if that’s what our fans want.

We have our own strong beliefs in how profound the impact blockchain technology will have within gaming. When our founder started Nativz back in 2021 he had a vision of how we could leverage Web3 technology, to transform the gaming experience and build a truely connected community for Nativz.

Already games like The Sandbox and Axie Infinity are showing what this technology can do in its early infancy within gaming. We’re so early to this new frontier but we will be able to build on the utility and value of our digital membership keys by integrating with these types of platforms and games long into the future.

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unregulated in Ireland: Memberships of this kind are unregulated in Ireland. Any profits you make on a sale may be subject to Capital Gains Tax. The value of the membership is variable and can go down as well as up.

The Team

Here's your team behind the Nativz business.

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