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Frequently asked questions

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Are you open for new sponsors?

That would be a yes, we're working hard to grow our family of partners so if you're interested in some info them please reach out to us at info@nativz.gg.

Does your merch ship worldwide?

Thanks to our Official Technical Kit Partners Oxen we do offer worldwide shipping. Take a look at our range which you can buy online here.

Are you looking for new team members?

If you're looking for a team then definitely drop us an email at info@nativz.gg. It's good to connect as things can always change and while we've got a full compliment of players in our teams we are looking to grow.

What games do you compete in?

We currently compete in League of Legends and Valorant, Northern European Leagues. We also own and orperation Ireland's Collegiate Esports Series which offers students the opportunity to play League of Legends, Valorant, CS:GO, Rocket League and F1.

When is new merch coming for?

We'll be releasing seasonal items in our online shop with our partners at Oxen. You can find the current range here.

Do you support paid product promotions?

It's certainly an option so email us on info@nativz.gg and we'll get in touch to see what we can pull together.



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