Nativz Drawn in Group C with Karmine Corp

Take a look at our opposition for the EMEA Masters Groups Stage.

Group Stage Pools have been confirmed for the upcoming EMEA Masters, the 12th edition of Europe’s premier semi-professional tournament englobing the 13 League of Legends European Regional Leagues. Nativz will play against Karmine Corp, Macko Esports and Anorthosis Esports for a place in the play-offs.

Though an undoubtedly tough group, with our NLC success we have set the stage for an underdog story European League of Legends fans will remember. It’s no secret that Karmine Corp are the force to be reckoned with and both Mackro Esports and Anorthosis Esports are strong sides, but with the right prep and confidence going into the matches we are in with a good shot of pulling off some impressive wins. Our goal is to do the Northern European League of Legends scene proud and make a name for ourselves at top level competition.

Our head coach, John ‘Rnglol’ Crichton, spoke on the draw saying, “I'm excited for the tournament ahead. I think all 4 teams from our group will be confident in their chances to make the knock-out stage, which means some thrilling games to come. It will be fantastic to play against KC in particular given their fan base and being of one the favourites to win the tournament. It should be a great test for our boys and our coaching staff. But make no mistake we're not just here to just take part or gain experience. We're here to win.”

Here’s a brief bio on each of our opponents in Group C:

- Karmine Corp (est Nov 2020) – founded by popular French streamer Kamel “Kameto” Kebir and influencer Amine “Prime” Mekri, KCorp as they are more commonly referred to has one of the largest fanbases in France and French-speaking countries. Starting out in League of Legends they now have rosters in games like Valorant, Team Fight Tactics, Trackmainia, Rocket League and Smash Bros Ultimate.

Socialstats: 437K X Followers, 207K TikTok Followers, 138K Instagram Followers.

Leaguepedia Profile.

- Macko Esports (est Sep 2020) – the Italian team based out of Puglia are five time PG Nationals Champs. Included in their roster for the upcoming tournament is former Nativz Jungler Casper “Cboi” Simonsen who was a regular in our first year playing in the 2021 Telia Denmark Series. Macko Esports enter the EMEA Masters as one of the more experienced sides to beat.

Socialstats: 4.8K X Followers, 4.3K Instagram Followers.

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- Anorthosis Esports – entering the Group Stages via the playins (or qualifiers) is the esports division of Cypriot Sports Team Anorthosis Famagusta FC. Anorthosis Esports play in the Greek Legends League.

Socialstats: 2.1K X Followers, 1.6K TikTok Followers, 4.6K Instagram Followers.

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Group stage schedule with a best of one format is confirmed as follows:

Monday 21 August (Times in IST)

• 5pm Nativz vs. Anorthosis Esports

• 6pm Macko Esports vs. Nativz

• 8pm Nativz vs. Karmine Corp

Wednesday 23 August

• 5pm Nativz vs. Anorthosis Esports

• 7pm Macko Esports vs. Nativz

• 9pm Nativz vs. Karmine Corp

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