Nativz Creator Team Kicks Off Talent Pathway

With the restart of the Irish Esports Collegiate Series we’ve got some fresh faces in a new creator team!

In the dynamic world of esports, where every moment counts, Nativz has taken a significant stride forward by assembling a formidable team of Content Creators. These creative visionaries are set to revolutionise how we experience esports, with a special focus on the Ireland Esports Collegiate Series and the broader Nativz universe. 

Diverse Voices, Unified Vision

"Ireland Collegiate is taking a turn to creators which in turn brings personality to a broadcast. Happy broadcast is a happy viewer. I do believe they got this right." - Jack Igoe, Leading Irish Creator.

Specialists in the Esports Arena

Nativz Creator Team is a powerhouse of talent, with each member specialising in at least one of the six titles featured in the Ireland Esports Collegiate Series; Valorant, Rocket League, Counter Strike 2, League of Legends, Formula 1, and EA Sports FC. From the intense tactics of Valorant to the high-octane races of Formula 1, they've got it all covered.

A Blend of Irish Excellence and Global Perspective

"Our journey to acquire the best talent was meticulous. We scouted the Irish esports scene extensively, but we also looked beyond borders to bring a global perspective to our content. This blend ensures we offer something unique to our audience." - Ryan Fleming, Nativz Production Lead

Double Impact

Nativz commitment to quality coverage doesn't stop at the Ireland Esports Collegiate Series. As we gear up for the knockout stage of the NLC's Aurora Cup, where we'll face Jesse Lingard's JLingz Esports in a thrilling best-of-five showdown on October 25th, our Creator Team will be at the forefront of the action, providing in-depth insights and exciting narratives – so keep your eyes peeled!

Empowering Irish Esports

"One of our primary objectives is to build a robust development pathway for Irish talent in esports. The Creator Team is just the beginning of this journey. We are committed to nurturing local talent and providing them with the platform they need to shine on the global stage." - Kurt Pittman, Founder and CEO of Nativz

Join the Journey

This is just the beginning of an exciting adventure. To meet the creative geniuses behind Nativz Creator Team and dive deeper into their stories, visit our Team Profiles. Be part of our esports revolution, and stay tuned for more thrilling content, live streams, and community engagement.

Nativz is rewriting the esports narrative, and our Creator Team is at the heart of this epic journey. Join us, and together, let's tell the Nativz story like never before.