Nativz & beyond - the successes of our alumni

We’re more than just an esports organisation; we’re a family. Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our alumni.

Where Are Some of Our Past Players Now?

Here at Nativz Gaming, we’re more than just an esports organisation; we’re a family. That’s why we want to celebrate the successes of our past players. While some have gone on to play for a range of different teams, others have pursued careers in other areas. This article aims to recognise the achievements of our former players, in everything they’ve done since parting ways with us.

Kenneth “Mikmer” Østergaard

Mikmer was previously a mid laner for Nativz, joining us in September of 2021. He represented us at the 2021 Denmark Winter Showdown, and in the NLC 2 Division 2022 Spring Qualifier.Since his departure in December of the same year, Mikmer went on to pursue an internship with the renowned G2 Esports and has now become a Social Innovator for Red Bull Gaming Social Media Manager for Dusty Esports.


Casper “Cboi” Bo Simonsen

Cboi was with us from September to November of 2021, as a jungler for our League of Legends main team. Alongside Mikmer, he represented us at the 2021 Denmark Winter Showdown, and in the NLC  Division 2021 Spring Qualifiers. He then went on to play for esports organisation Bifrost, with which he competed in the EU Masters 2022 Spring Main Event and sported an 83.33% win rate during the Groups stage. Impressive! Now, Cboi jungles for Italian team Macko Esports, who are currently competing in the Red Bull Factions.

Derek “Only Angel” Lee

Former top laner for Nativz Gaming, Only Angel, parted ways with us in August 2021. While he was with us, he represented our organisation at the TES Denmark 2021 Summer Playoffs. He then went on to join esports team AaB and assisted them in qualifying for NLC 2nd Division. Only Angel is now a League of Legends coach for Skill Capped, an online game-learning platform that aims to help improve your gameplay.


Marcus “Baybror” Bay-Smidt Christensen

Baybror joined us in September 2021, taking the bot lane position in our roster. Along with the aforementioned Mikmer and Cboi, he represented Nativz Gaming in four events, over the span of 3 months. Baybror then began a contract with Swiss team Goskilla in January of this year, competing in the Ultraliga Season 8 playoffs and taking home a cash prize of over $500 USD! While he is still under contract with Goskilla, Baybror has been allowed to explore his options for 2023.


All of us at Nativz are incredibly proud of our alumni and their accomplishments. Our sincerest gratitude goes out to all of our former players, for their contributions to the organisation, and for allowing us to play a part in shaping their stories. We wish all of them the best in their future!