Nativz Partner with Coral Reef Sustainability Startup

Nativz have signed an agreement with Coral Reef Sustainability business, who become our Official Environmental Partner

The recently formed Esports team, Nativz are currently competing in the Northern Europe region for League of Legends, NLC Division 2 and Division 4, and have signed an agreement with Coral Reef Sustainability business, The team owners are committed to environmental sustainability targets and hope the partnership can raise awareness of the importance of coral reefs to the critical well-being of our oceans.

Nativz have released a membership via an NFT key with a percentage of each purchase going towards recovering and re-planting more coral in the World’s oceans as part of their efforts in supporting sustainability targets. This highlight’s the importance of the relationship, as will become the Official Environmental Partner of Nativz.

Despite having only established in May 2021, Nativz Gaming have already made a big impact with their First Team qualifying for the NLC Division 2 and Nativz Talent currently playing to secure a spot in Division 4. Alongside this, the organisation has recently released a lifetime ‘founding’ membership using NFT technology. This NFT, as well as providing a multitude of benefits, and will play an important role in the partnership with

Based out of a prominent dive-school on the Thai island of Koh Tao, was founded to preserve coral reefs and help support all local communities that depend on them. is currently supporting the community of Koh Tao by rebuilding and expanding the surrounding coral reef plus supporting the local economy through skills training and job creation.

Trained divers forage for fragments of coral that would have otherwise died, which allows to preserve and restore this unique ecosystem. is funded through its online platform and asks users to purchase a diver recovering and planting either a fragment of coral or a structure of 25 coral fragments. These purchases are detailed on a virtual map of the coral reef with the users own photo or logo placed in their ‘plot’.

“For every Nativz Key that is purchased we will commit to recovering and planting one new piece of coral in the oceans in partnership with said Nativz Co-Founder & Managing Director Kurt Pittman.

Sustainability is hugely important to us and having been raised in New Zealand the ocean has played a really important part of my life. Through our NFT release, we feel it’s a great place to start playing our role in driving lasting change alongside our desire to grow our own organisation.”

This is an incredible partnership for us at” said Co-Founder Haydon Smith. “In order to save the world’s coral, we need all the help we can get and a partnership with Nativz doesn’t just provide us with revenue to continue our work, it also creates awareness of the oceans plight to a whole new audience that otherwise may not have heard our story.”

Nativz Keys are now on public sale, only 500 of these Lifetime ‘Founding’ Memberships will be available. Find full details and how to buy online here.