Dynamic Co-Stream Team for 2024 NLC First Division

Nativz Gaming is thrilled to announce its stellar co-stream team for the 2024 Northern League of Legends Championship 1st Division.

Dublin,Ireland – Nativz Gaming is thrilled to announce its stellar co-stream team for the 2024 Northern League of Legends Championship First Division. Spearheading this live broadcast is the experienced and charismatic host, Lisa, alongside the insightful casters Zathdos and Sandbag.

Originally from Brazil and now a Dublin resident, Lisa brings her rich experience as a former League of Legends player. Her knowledge of the game's intricacies and vibrant hosting style promises to keep our viewers engaged throughout. This marks a significant step for Nativz Gaming in enhancing our content delivery and fan engagement.

Joining her is Zathdos, who returns to the team after a successful stint during last year’s Aurora Cup. His analytical approach and deep understanding of League was a standout aspect of this first outing for Nativz. His return is eagerly anticipated by the team behind the project who felt his insights were on point during the pilot co-stream.

Completing the team is Sandbag, a name well-known in the Irish Student Esports scene. An alumni of the Ireland Esports Collegiate Series, where he represented Dublin City University in its previous guise, Sandbag brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the commentary team. Having lived in Dublin for 15 years, the American considers it Ireland his home and is excited to connect with the local and European League of Legends community at this level.

This commitment for the 2024 season represents Nativz Gaming's ambition to not just follow the official stream but to build upon it, crafting a unique narrative and experience for viewers. The team’s diverse backgrounds and deep understanding of the game are expected to offer fresh and engaging viewpoints.

Kurt Pittman, Founder & CEO of Nativz Gaming, expressed his excitement about this next step forward. "We are not just participating in the 2024 NLC First Division; we are creating an experience. Our co-stream team is a blend of expertise, passion and international flair, perfectly aligned with Nativz’s vision. We are set to offer something unique and engaging for our growing community.”

The 2024 NLC First Division is set to be an electrifying season, and with this dynamic team at the helm of their co-stream, Nativz Gaming is poised to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience.

Catch the action live from this evening from 7pm (GMT). Full details are available in our match schedule here.