Collegiate Challenge Points System Explained

As excitement builds following the Winter Finals, it’s crucial to understand the points system that determines the ultimate ranking.

The 2023/24 Collegiate Challenge is the finale which will see the top two colleges across the 2023/24 Ireland Esports Collegiate Series play-off for the title of champions. As excitement builds following the Winter Finals, it’s crucial to understand the points system that will determine the ultimate ranking of these institutions. This system is designed to be straight forward yet comprehensive, ensuring that every match counts and each team’s effort is duly rewarded.

Each participating institution nominated their top team for each game title in the series. Teams earn points based on their performance in the competition, which will contribute to their college's or university's standing on the leaderboard. The points are awarded as follows:

- Group Stage Wins: Each win in the group stage secures 1 point.

- 5th to 8th Place Finish: Teams finishing in these positions will also earn 1 point, recognizing their advancement in the competition.

- 4th Place Finish: Achieving the 4th place position will grant a team 2 points.

- 3rd Place Finish: A commendable 3rd place finish is rewarded with 3 points.

- 2nd Place Finish: The runners-up will be awarded 4 points, highlighting their near victory.

- 1st Place Finish: The champions of each title will earn the highest reward of 5 points, marking their triumph in the challenge.

Operations Lead Ronan Monaghan, comments on the system, “Our aim with the Collegiate Challenge points system is to keep it simple and inclusive. We understand the importance of making esports accessible to everyone, not just those within the community. This straight forward system ensures that every match is significant, and every team's contribution is valued. It’s a reflection of our commitment to celebrate every step of the journey, from the initial group stage victories to the crowning of the champions.”

The points system for the 2023/24Collegiate Challenge is a testament to the spirit of fair competition and inclusivity. It allows for a clear, easy-to-follow progression of teams, making the series not only a thrilling competition for the players but also an engaging experience for the audience. With such a system in place, the Collegiate Challenge is set to be an exciting showcase of esports talent and team spirit.