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Build your collection of Nativz Players from our very first season back in 2021.

Each Player Card will give its holder benefits which will grow based on the number of cards held starting with free access to participate in one of our Community Tournaments.

"Our partnership with ALotMeant.com means that for every Nativz Key purchased we'll recover and plant a piece of coral to help preserve and restore our oceans."
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Pre-Sale Guestlist (only 100 slots available)
Public Sale via Opensea and Venly Marketplaces
Access to Live Streaming in our Metaverse Arena
Airdrops of Nativz Genesis Series Digital Collectibles
Distribution of Performance Replica Shirts (choice of sizes)
Activate subscription revenues from Twitch and YouTube
Nativz Key Founding Members - access to claim FREE PFP Avatar and mint up to 3 more
PFP Avatar Guestlist - following Nativz Key Holders, to access pre-minting window
Giveaways - 10% of the collection to be held back for promotional giveaways
Virtual Arena - new and improved venue in Decentraland launched
Token - creation of a Nativz Utility Token for NFT holders
Talent Boot Camp - annual player and creator Bootcamp launched for talent acquisition
Scholarships - set up a scholarship fund for esports and content creator talent
Gaming - introduce an engaging metaverse experience game enabled by NFTs
Expansion - launch a NEW team into a NEW title voted on by the community
Airdrops - Gift NFT airdrops

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unregulated in Ireland: Memberships of this kind are unregulated in Ireland. Any profits you make on a sale may be subject to Capital Gains Tax. The value of the membership is variable and can go down as well as up.