UniRocketeers Circuit Returns for 2023

UniRocketeers Circuit, the Rocket League University Tournament, returns for 2023.

With our recent acquisition of the Irish Collegiate Esports Series we now have involvement in many exciting esports competitions helping us in our mission of development of the Irish scene. One of these competitions being the UniRocketeers Circuit, formerly known as the European University Rocketeers, a Rocket League university esports tournament.

The UniRocketeers Circuit begins as a national level tournament, where in our case we will see the best Rocket League players across Ireland battle it out on the pitch for a chance to reach a Europe wide grand finals series. In addition to reaching European glory, the UniRocketeers Circuit also presents students with a nice €10k prize pool up for grabs.

Last year we saw an abundance of Irish Rocket League talent within the series, with the UCD Leviathans placing 3rd, the WIT Vikings taking 2nd and the TUD Apes Vertigo placing 1st. Of these teams the TUD Apes Vertigo then went onto the European stage claiming 29th.

The Ireland representative of the UniRocketeers Circuit Alex “NuaLaoch” Delamer spoke on our involvement saying, “It's great to have a level of competition off the island to aspire to and measure ourselves against, and I love getting the chance to talk up our teams on the international stage.”.

Nativz Gaming Co-Founder & Chairperson Kurt Pittman goes on to say, “We are delighted to be a part of the UniRocketeers Circuit. The circuit provides talented & aspiring Collegiate Irish Rocket League players a chance to reach a European stage. In turn, greatly helping in our mission of furthering the development of esports in Ireland.”