Over 500 students ready to go

Nativz Collegiate Esports Series begins tonight at 7pm, tune in and check it out!

We’ve seen over 500 students register for the first half of the 2022/23 Collegiate Series, registrations are now closed in four of the five titles and the action commences from this evening.

With representation from over 24 Universities and Colleges across the Island of Ireland with a total of 82 teams registered. Across the titles we’ve seen significant growth in Valorant (30 teams) and we’re still to see the impact from our shift to adopting F1 as a permanent addition after trailing it in the 2021/22 academic year - registration details for F1 to be announced next week.

Our team of casters streaming each of these is now finalised and collectively give us a reach of 20K across their social channels. This team is confirmed as follows:

Evin "EviN" Kierans
Conor "Heltic" Noctor

Rocket League
Adam "Epg" Heron
Ericsson "EJam" McGann

Ryan "FL3M1NG" Fleming
Keelan "Keelan" O'Connell

League of Legends
Turlough "Xenolot" O'Connor
Ian "Sator" Ferguson

Finals week for the Winter Split is due to take place on week commencing 5 December. Not only are the teams compete to win the Irish Winter Series for their respective title, they are also battling to qualify for European leagues such as the Amazon University Esports Masters, UniRocketeers and FACEIT Collegiate.

All Nativz Collegiate Esports Series games take place Monday to Thursday from 7pm and can be watched on twitch.tv/nativzcollegiate

The Nativz 2022 Citizen Key membership is now available for free, with benefits designed for the every gamer these can be claimed online for a limited time only. Find out more details and claim yours online here.