NLC Spring Split Starts With Local Derby

Our entry into the 2022 NLC’s 2nd Division will see us open our campaign with a local derby on 25 January 7PM. Full schedule here.

Our entry into the 2022 NLC’s 2nd Division will see us open our campaign with a local derby against Munster Rugby Gaming with Round 1 taking place on Tuesday 25 January at 7pm (GMT). We then face the first of four UK teams in Nox Esports, they're swiftly followed by Lucent Esports also based across the Irish sea.

With games scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week the split is scheduled to end on Tuesday 24 March with our game against one of the Division’s favourites LDN UTD. We’ve also been drawn to play Verdant on St Patrick’s Day.

Once the rounds conclude, those that qualify move into the play-offs, which run from 5 to 21 April, followed by the relegation series starting on 26 April and concluding on 6 May.

The 2nd Division is made up of four teams registered in the United Kingdom, two from Denmark, one each from Sweden and Norway plus two of us here in the Republic of Ireland.

From the original teams that qualified in the NLC Calibration phase we’ve seen both X7 and Dusty acquire teams in the 1st Division and consequently taking their places. Unfortunately London Esports and Resolve disbanded, resulting in Domino Esports and Lucent Esports joining us in Division 2.

Although Verdant (UK) established in April of 2021, Nativz is the youngest of the teams by one month having formed in May 2021. The most established is Lundqvist Lightside who we believe formed back in 2014. Both Aab Esports and LDN UTD are the most developed, fielding teams in other titles where they both compete in FIFA and Fortnight as well as a mix of four other titles between them.  

Full schedule for our 2022 NLC 2nd Division campaign is available online here.

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