NLC Division 1 Promotions Rundown 2022

A brief rundown to prepare you for the NLC Division 1 Promotions 2022.

With a Nativz triumph bringing the NLC Division 2 Summer Playoffs to a finish, 2 teams from NLC Division 2 have pulled ahead of the pack securing a coveted spot in the NLC Division 1 Promotion tournament. In a matter of days, fans can watch their favourite teams duke it out in do-or-die games for two prized spots in the NLC Division 1. Below you will find a rundown to prepare you as best we can for these explosive matchups.

Where Can I watch?

NLC Twitch Channel (We recommend for the fun in chat!) or NLC YouTube Channel

Who Will be playing?

Two teams from the NLC Division 2: Nativz, and UniQ – qualified via championship points from NLC Division 2 Spring & Summer split.

Two teams from the NLC Division 1: MnM Gaming and Team Singularity.

Whats the format?

The tournament consists of 5 series of games, with an upper and a lower bracket. All series will best of 5.

The tournament kicks off with the second seed of Division 2, UniQ Esports, facing the first seed of Division 1, MnM Gaming on September 12th.

Following this, the first seed of Division 2, the mighty Nativz, face the second seed of Division 1, Team Singularity.  

When are the games?

Upper Bracket Round 1: 12 September 2022 & 14September

Upper Bracket Final: 26 September 2022

Lower Bracket Round 1: 19 September 2022

Lower Bracket Final: 28 September 2022

What’s up for grabs?

The winner of the Upper bracket final and lower bracket final will be promoted into the NLC First Division, with the two other teams finding themselves in the NLC Second Division.

Our Head Coach, who’s been with us since the start, Demb has said “We are optimistic and ready to take on the challenge of promotions. Throughout the season we have proved time and time again that we deserve a place in the NLC Division 1 and it is time to claim that spot.”