Nativz reveal first NFT with Big Fan

Nativz Gaming have today announced the release of their first official digital collectable collection via NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

Nativz Gaming have today announced the release of their first official digital collectible collection via NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This first release is the start of a limited series of Genesis Collections for our partner Big Fan, offering benefits for collection holders via experiences, engagement and gifts as time goes on.

This release for Nativz is the start of a journey that will see this innovative eSports business become the first to have an official presence in The Sandbox Metaverse – the rapidly-growing, decentralized virtual gaming world that enables creators to build their own gaming experience. Nativz will also be revealing a virtual Home Arena located in Somnium Space, another decentralized metaverse best suited to hosting VR events with its stylised design.

The Big Fan team believe the offering of digital collectibles, combined with an engaging Metaverse strategy will prove to be one of sports largest opportunities over the coming years. Nativz Gaming have innovation at its core creating the ideal opportunity for the players, coaches and fans to benefit and business success over time through this forward thinking strategy.

This release is limited to only six cards for each player and coach so ensure you get in early to not miss out.

Buy yours here.

We recommend setting your MetaMask Wallet up on desktop first, for those who are mobile first you can then see the steps to install and set up on your mobile via this video

Please note: Transaction fee (or 'gas fee' as it is otherwise known) apply, however these vary based on the volume of purchases going on at any one time.