Nativz Collegiate finals: Success, stats and what's next?

After 8 weeks of competition, the Nativz Collegiate Spring Season concludes with victors across all 5 titles.

Since its inception in September 2022, Nativz Collegiate has continued to grow and expand, attracting more players and spectators week on week. This semester saw over 50 teams from 20 universities and colleges compete across 5 titles; Formula 1 2022, Valorant, Rocket League, CS:GO, and League of Legends. 

Game Results

Formula 1 2022

Winner: Peadar Kenny (TCD)

Runner Up: FR46DOM (TUD)

3rd Place: bhavya (UCD)

4th Place: unknxwn (NCI)

Formula 1 took an alternative approach to our other games- taking place across the winter and spring seasons, allowing for racers to compete more flexibly. It proved to be a highly competitive and exciting tournament; dominated by the Dublin racers of TCD, TUD, UCD, and NCI, who all put in podium finishes throughout the season. Peadar Kenny of TCD emerged as the clear victor of the tournament, with an impressive total of 187 points. Following closely behind Kenny was FR46DOM, who put in a strong showing and finished the tournament with 108 points. Bhavya of TUD also impressed with an equal score of 108, but ultimately finished third due to medal positions, while unknxwn finished on 86 points.


Winner: TUD Apes Diamond

Runner Up: NCI Panthers

3rd Place: UG Seagulls 

4th Place: UL eSports Valorant

TUD and NCI engaged in a closely contested best-of-three series. After a hard-fought first map, TUD managed to pull ahead and secure a 13-11 victory. In the second map, NCI put up a valiant effort but TUD stood strong, closing out a  13-9 win, ultimately claiming the championship title. The victory was especially sweet for TUD, as it was revenge for their previous loss to NCI in the Swiss stage.

Rocket League

Winner: SETU Esports 

Runner Up: TUD Apes Vertigo

3rd Place: TCD Trinity Deughks

4th Place: UCC Epsilon

Following on from their impressive campaign in UniRocketeers, SETU  demonstrated why they were the team to beat this year, taking a convincing 4-0 win in the best-of-seven series against TUD. The victory was a testament to SETU's dominance in the Irish Rocket League scene this season.


Winner: QUB Back Six

Runner Up: SETU Esports

3rd Place: QUB Back Seven

4th Place: TUS Dragons

QUB Back Six put on a dominating performance against the SETU side, securing their third Irish Collegiate title in a row. QUB claimed a convincing 2-0 victory with scores of 16-2 and 16-8. They will now represent Ireland in the European FACEIT Collegiate tournament, where they will compete for a $5,000 prize pool. It will be exciting to see how QUB fares on the international stage, and whether they can continue their winning streak!

League of Legends

Winner: UCD Leviathans A 

Runner Up: TUD Apes Alpha

3rd Place: QUB Team Yellow

4th Place: TUD Ohio Apes

The League of Legends grand finals were eagerly anticipated, with fans looking forward to a derby match between UCD and TUD Apes Alpha. However, due to scheduling issues, TUD was unable to field a team, resulting in a forfeit. In their place, Queen's stepped up to the plate and faced TUD Ohio Apes in a live-streamed third-place match, which they won 2-0 in a convincing fashion. The match marked the end of an exciting and successful broadcast for Nativz Collegiate's spring season!

Nativz Collegiate Leaderboard

In addition to the grand finals of each individual game, we’ve released an updated Nativz Collegiate Leaderboard which provides an overall ranking for each college, based on their performance in the winter and spring seasons. 

The rankings are determined by scoring each game’s top 4 finishing teams- 1st place receives 5 points, 2nd receives 3, 3rd gets 2, and 4th place gets 1 point. The points are then tallied up per institution, resulting in the leaderboard below! 

Congratulations to TUD for becoming the overall winner of the first year of Nativz Collegiate! 

There were only 2 points separating 2nd and 4th- showcasing the competitiveness and talent of all the participating colleges, we can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Congratulations to all the participating teams, our production team, our administrators and moderators, and to the many students who have supported us throughout this season. 

We’ll be back on May 27th with the Nativz Collegiate Challenge live at GamerFest, find out more about it here!

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