Katawina joins Nativz as a content creator

We’re delighted to announce Katawina as the first member of content creator team.

Katawina is a high ranked League of Legends streamer renowned for his proficiency on the champion Katarina. In his time in the space, he has amassed a large social following across multiple platforms for both his gameplay and personality, accumulating 50,000 followers on his Twitch livestream and 10,000 followers on Twitter.

After entering the scene 8 years ago, Katawina’s accomplishments don’t stop at a social level. He has achieved numerous great accomplishments such as Top 200 Challenger – peaking at rank 50 in Europe. Katawina was also approached by one of the best League of Legends players in the world, Showmaker, during his time in Europe for World Championships. After multiple defeats at the hands of Katawina, Showmaker asked for him for advice on how to play Katarina as well as he does.

Outside of the game Katawina keeps active spending his free time playing tennis or at the gym. He is also looking forward to beginning his bachelor’s degree in Aviation starting in September. But with all this going on, his passion for streaming only burns stronger, saying “I am really excited to start this new chapter with Nativz, allowing me to take my stream to the next level hand in hand with a great organisation”.

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Nativz, Kurt Pittman, went on to say "We are really excited to welcome Katawina onboard as Nativz first content creator, a respected member of the League of Legends streaming community. We believe that building a team of content creators will not only strengthen our engagement with our growing community but also help us welcome in new people - another great step forward for Nativz."