2023 - What’s in store for Nativz?

2022 is over and 2023 has already started with a bang - lets dive into it.

2022 was a rollercoaster for all of us here at Nativz. Just like any organisation, we had our ups, and we had our downs, but we emerged with high hopes for the coming year. In this article, we’ll give you a sneak peak of the things to come. We hope you’ll join us on our journey into 2023!

League of Legends

As some of you know, our League of Legends team are competing in the NLC 1st Division this year. The NLC is a world-renowned, European tournament that sees 8 teams compete for the grand prize of €4,500, and to qualify for the EMEA Masters. Nativz qualified for NLC 1st Division after its success in NLC 2nd Division on two occasions, and after winning two best-of-5s in the promotion tourney. So far we’ve had a rough start to the Spring Split but we’re optimistic about the remainder of Spring with our new roster changes seeing the introduction of Sebal and Scuffed. Going into Summer we have some big plans and will definitely be providing the redemption arc that everyone wants to see.


Our Valorant team has also seen some new faces entering the starting line-up with names such as Wanheda and NoManDrop, two players who have proved themselves as forces to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Nativz Valorant will be entering the Beacon Split, a Northern-European tournament that serves as a ticket to Polaris 2024. Teams will play in a variety of “Circuit Events” throughout the months of February-May, to earn “Beacon Points”. These events are categorised as Major, LAN, Minor, and community, each with a varying number of beacon points available. At the end of the split, all teams will be placed into divisions (based on the points they have accumulated) and will compete in the finals, to earn their share of a €10,000 prize pool. Good luck to the Valorant team!


Nativz kicked off 2023 with announcing its new, multi-year partnership with Oxen, a global sports brand that provides kit for athletes. This means that 2023 will see our teams and Collegiate Series entrants sporting entirely new garments.

Furthermore,we plan to release a new line of merchandise this Summer. Stick around to be amongst the first to get their hands on the newest Nativz merch!

Overall, Nativz has some exciting things to come in 2023. We can’t wait to share this with all of you!